Ford Escape headlights assembly.

Ford Escape headlights

Ford Escape is a compact crossover that has been producing by Ford Motor Company since 2001. Despite the fact that technically the Escape belongs to the line of crossovers (along with the Edge and Flex), from the beginning it was sold as the representative of the SUV line (along with Explorer and Expedition). In Europe Ford Escape is known under the name of Ford Maverick. A division of Mercury from was releasing the deluxe version of the model under the name of Mariner.

Escape was created on the Ford CD2 platform, jointly developed with Mazda based on the Mazda GF platform, which served as the basis for Mazda 626. The first generation of Ford Escape was introduced in North America in 2000. The market for this model took place between the larger Explorer and the smaller SUVs, the proposed companies Honda and Toyota. The second generation of Ford Escape was unveiled at the 2006 International auto show in Los Angeles.

The extensive restyling of the model was undergone, so it lost competitiveness in a number of new SUVs. However, in the 2008th model year, the most major elements such as Ford Escape headlights remained the same, as well as the underlying platform - CD2.