Ford Escape headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Ford Escape headlights

Ford Escape is a compact crossover that has been producing by Ford Motor Company since 2001. Despite the fact that technically the Escape belongs to the line of crossovers (along with the Edge and Flex), from the beginning it was sold as the representative of the SUV line (along with Explorer and Expedition). In Europe Ford Escape is known under the name of Ford Maverick. A division of Mercury from was releasing the deluxe version of the model under the name of Mariner.

Escape was created on the Ford CD2 platform, jointly developed with Mazda based on the Mazda GF platform, which served as the basis for Mazda 626. The first generation of Ford Escape was introduced in North America in 2000. The market for this model took place between the larger Explorer and the smaller SUVs, the proposed companies Honda and Toyota. The second generation of Ford Escape was unveiled at the 2006 International auto show in Los Angeles.

The extensive restyling of the model was undergone, so it lost competitiveness in a number of new SUVs. However, in the 2008th model year, the most major elements such as Ford Escape headlights remained the same, as well as the underlying platform - CD2.

Ford Escape LED headlights, XLS XLT Hybrid Halo Projector Black - 2005 2006 2007.

Ford Escape LED headlights

Recommendations for those who decided to buy used Ford Escape. Experienced craftsmen who are familiar with Ford motors call the escape V6 3.0 motor is built to last a lifetime. Of course, only under the condition of its timely service. Definitely you should see the condition of the oil in the engine- there are instances from which the oil is not just black but it falls out in lumps! Next, note if there are no stains of oil. If there are, then you need to look for the cause. Almost all Ford Escapes with a three-liter engines that came to the overhaul had a common problem with the catalysts that usually led to the increased wear of the crankshaft bearings due to the excessive pressure in the combustion chamber and heating of the piston group due to the fact that the exhaust gases couldn't get out through the exhaust system. As you know, the indigenous wear of the crankshaft bearings is fraught with reduction of pressure in the lubrication system of cylinder head, and hence there is a new problem - the wear of the camshafts and the poor performance of the lifters. In most cases, the owners went without sensing a change in the engine operation. But at some point, when they gave heavy loads, the liners turned on the engine and the engine required the overhaul or replacement. Many people prefer to change the engine, but not repair, since it is cheaper and faster.

How to determine if the vehicle has been in the acciden? Pay attention to the bumper and headlights. Pay attention to the following facts- if headlamps and bumpers are native on the car. On the Ford Escape from 2001 to 2004 the front bumpers were with rectangular fog lamps, and starting with the 2004 round. The rear bumpers also changed their shape in the central part - they received additional convex elements.

Ford Escape HID headlights, Xenon Projector.

Ford Escape HID headlights

The front Headlights before the facelift had on the glass the risk of scattering, but after the facelift glass the headlights were just transparent. Bumpers and HID headlights are interchangeable, but if the bumpers can be replaced without any changes (you only need the grille to change) but to replace the headlights you need to redo the terminals and change the light stalk switch. Of course, there are enthusiasts that just upgrade the looks of their cars. But in most cases if on the Ford Escape 2005 the bumper and LED headlights are from Ford Escape 2001, it is a clear signal that the machine was bit. So often it is vice versa - on a previous Escape 2003 some put the bumper from a facelifted 2005, and issue it for a restyling. The original package can be found at the VIN of the car.