Ford Explorer headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Ford Explorer headlights

The legendary Ford Explorer is in step with the times and is equipped with modern technology providing a new level of comfort and safety. Among them, there are opening of the Hands Free trunk, adaptive cruise control, front wide-angle camera, tracking system for road markings and keep the vehicle in the travel lane, the system actively assist parallel and perpendicular parking, the inflatable safety belts for rear-seat passengers, the SYNC 2 multimedia system and many other technologies.

Ford Explorer can accommodate up to 7 passengers including the driver, because it is distinguished by the large dimensions in its class. They increased leg room for passengers in the second row, and a folding full third row of seats is already included in the basic package with Ford Explorer headlights. And since the LIMITED configuration the third row of seats has been equipped with a function of electric folding.

One movement of a foot is enough for a sensor under the rear bumper to activate tailgate opening. To do this you need to have a car key.

Ford Explorer LED headlights, sport.

Ford Explorer LED headlights

Brand Ford, despite some difficulties is still associated with reliable and high quality cars. We cannot say that Ford produces cars for the middle price range. In the lineup there are such representatives that can be attributed to the elite. For example, Ford Explorer.

You can have your own opinion about this brand, but there's no denying that the cars are of the highest level. And from the review of Ford Explorer, it is necessary to say: the new version of this SUV was named the best in its segment. And that talks about various things.

The history of this American car has more than two decades. This age is worthy of respect, especially considering the fact that it is still a popular model. Throughout this time it was regularly recognized as one of the best-selling cars and also simply one of the best cars in its segment. While looking at the new Ford Explorer there is still a feeling of power and confidence. Solid dimensions help to create the image of a strong giant that has an extremely aggressive and uncompromising character. At the same time, the designers opted for this car "calm" optics, so the "look" of Ford Explorer is not so evil.

First of all for this contributes a massive radiator grille with a chrome trim. It has a somewhat unusual form, in fact, becoming a trademark.

The design of the suv has a lot of small details that, however, are in harmony with each other, creating a single picture. Firstly, various chrome inserts catch the eye. And this includes not only the grille, but also the relevant details on the rear view mirrors.

If to sum up all that have been mentioned about the appearance of Ford Explorer, the following can be said: it is vivid and memorable American suv, with its own charm. It looks aggressive, but not obnoxiously. The force that is felt while looking at it is more internal.

Ford Explorer HID headlights, 01-05 Sport Trac Crystal Black Amber.

Ford Explorer HID headlights

After restyling, the shape of the headlights and tail lights slightly changed, but the fog section changed much. But it would be better if Ford had replaced the lighting beam. The dipped beam finally became led, there appeared LED headlights daytime running, but the distant light – is still halogen and very dim.

Smart LED-lights of Ford Explorer automatically switches between the distant and dipped light regimes. At the same time, due to the efficiency of HID headlights it provides high illumination of the road.