Ford F150 headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights F250 F350.

Ford F150 headlights For each driver his car – is an expression of his own "I". Everyone tries to contribute as much diversity and originality as it is possible.

The car directly carries the information about the character and temperament of its owner. In order to help every motorist express himself, the specialists in auto tuning continuously produce various novelties and accessories.

The alternative optics implies the headlights.

For many drivers the regular optics for cars is not suitable for many reasons. Namely: - each car has standard or factory lights, and it makes all cars look like each other. And every driver wants different innovations and something that will make his own car perfectly unlike the others. Cars that go more than five or seven years, wear out their lighting system. So, it makes driving in the dark unsafe.

Ford F150 LED headlights, CYCLOP OPTIC LED Tube Matte Black, Raptor SVT - 2009-2014.

Ford F150 LED headlights

Why do experts suggest alternative optics:

  • original design. It makes your car unique, because the appearance of the F150 LED headlights is different from those produced at the plant;
  • the use of alternative optics gives you great visibility while driving at night;
  • You will be able to drive safely in rain and fog, because the fog HID headlights are of high quality;
  • You will be able to replace the lights individually; there is no need to go to a service station;

Ford F150 HID headlights, Halo Projector Headlights Assembly Chrome - 04-08.

Ford F150 HID headlights

Diode optics is the rear lights of your car.

Lamp lights are gradually fading, and on their place come comfortable and original led lights. Led optics of the rear headlights has a large number of models that will provide the original look of your car.

Also the led optics does not require high costs for electricity. The scope of these optics types is:

  • turn signals;
  • parking lights;
  • dipped F150 headlights.

This, in turn, increases the visibility of your car to other drivers.

Tuning optics for cars has two kinds:

  • reflex – non lens front optics. It is used for halogen lamps. Here does not install xenon F150 headlights because it can cause emergency situations on the road. The light does not focus. This is very dangerous, because it blinds drivers going forward.
  • searchlight (lens) optics. It has a lot of advantages, because in this kind of optics, the light is just focused.
  • It does not dazzle oncoming cars, as well as with the help of this accessory you will be able to watch the road and the edge of the curb that stimulates additional safety. This optics is more powerful and better.
  • As for Ford F-150 car, you can install these types of optics.