Ford Focus headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Ford Focus headlights

During the development it received the codenamed CW170, initially Focus got its name in honor of the Ghia concept that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1991. The final design of the elements had already been shown earlier in the prototype that was used by Ford for demonstration of security systems new items coming, such as the rear unit of luminous signs, located at eye level. The decision to name the new car “Ford Focus” was made in early 1998. In 2002 there was held the restyling of the first generation of Ford Focus.

A car headlight has come a long way from the kerosene lamp on the suspension, dimly denoting the size of the car to the powerful light source, illuminating to the driver the night road with a decent brightness of the sun (if we talk about the headlights) and bright lighting devices designed to signal the neighbors in the flow about the upcoming maneuvers of the machine. Additionally, the headlights got a variety of lighting modes: dipped beam, distance light, marker lights, lights of daytime running DRL (Daytime Running Light), and acquiring multi-functionality. The development of the automotive headlamp is still going on - adaptive light is in fashion that allows controlling the direction of the light beam and "eternal" LED headlights with extremely low power consumption.

Ford Focus LED headlights, LED DRL Projector 2015-2017.

Ford Focus LED headlights

If you need to buy Ford Focus headlight, note that for xenon land halogen lamps, there are technological differences in the internal structure of headlamps, namely, in different constructive ways of fastening of H7 lamps and of xenon lamps. Rear headlights can differ with the presence or absence of LEDs, and that also should be considered while purchasing the rear lights for Ford Focus. The reasons for replacing the headlights of the second Focus can be several: damage in the accident, strong dark wash of transparent plastic, highly eroding light beam, the inner melting of the wire that can lead to the micro ignition etc.

Ford Focus HID headlights, LED HID Headlights Front Bumper Bi-xenon Projector.

Ford Focus HID headlights

If the lighting of your our vehicle deteriorated, and the reason for that are HID headlights of Ford Focus , then you definitely need to change them because proper and clear illumination of the road will help to keep your health and your car, and possibly your life. The information presented above is very superficial. So if you want to buy Ford Focus headlight and get fully competent consultation, contact the experts at the auto parts store and ask all the necessary questions.

On the Ford Focus there are set as the headlights with diffuser (halogen) and the headlights with lens (Bi-xenon). Lamps for such headlights are used different.

For headlights with diffuser:

  • H7 – low beam,
  • H1– high beam.

For headlights with lenses:

  • D3S – fog light
  • H7 – additional high beam light,
  • H1 – side illumination of turns.

For all:

  • T10 front parking lamps,
  • H11 – front fog lights.

The changes included:

  • Updated Ford Focus headlights with integrated turn indicators and split reflectors for dipped and main beam.
  • Updated bumper without indicators, but with the added removable straps
  • Updated upper and lower grille and fog lights
  • Optional xenon headlights
  • Optional CD changer 6-disc
  • Optional navigation system
  • Optional digital climate control
  • The possibility of precise adjustment of the seat
  • Modified center console with rubber cup holders
  • Different colors of the instrument panel
  • New seats
  • Various improvements in the management tools
  • New colors
  • Rear power point
  • TDCi engine
  • An additional set of options.