Ford Fusion headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Ford Fusion headlights Ford Fusion — mini MPV, manufactured by Ford Motor Company and developed by its European unit. Distinctive features: low price, high safety, high ground clearance, spacious interior. The car was produced in Germany, the factory in Cologne. It was based on the Ford Fiesta. In 2005 the auto was restyled, which changed front and rear bumpers, mouldings, lighting and design of the front panel.

The developers tried to emphasize that they had created car, which absorbed the properties of a hatchback of a golf class and "parquet" SUV. The design of the car was aggressive, because of the wide mouldings in the bumpers and sides of car, Ford Fusion headlights, unpainted body-color, high clearance, and a more serious (compared to the Fiesta) design. The model has a rather large luggage compartment (337 l).

Ford Fusion LED headlights, DRL Projector 2013-16.

Ford Fusion LED headlights

The model is equipped with three types of transmission, depending on engine: 5-speed manual transmission is installed on petrol engines 1.4 Duratec and 1.6 Duratec and 1.4 TDCi diesel and 1.6 TDCi; 5-speed robotic transmission is installed on petrol engines 1.4 Duratec petrol and 1.4 TDCi and 1.6 TDCi; 4-speed automatic transmission is installed on petrol engines of 1.6 L.

Ford Fusion HID headlights, Xenon Projector.

Ford Fusion HID headlights

With good fog lights you cannot be afraid of neither fog nor rain nor snowfall. They will come to the rescue you in case of weak or poor dimmed headlights. Unlike the conventional headlights (especially dimmed headlights), fog lights help the driver to illuminate the space ahead of the vehicle, not disorienting and not blinding himself or the others. How is this achieved?

During the fog or rain a light beam of regular optics of the vehicle originally designed for operation in dry weather, reflects from tiny droplets of water and then returns back, thereby forming in front of the car muddy spot light. To consider something occurring in front of the vehicle, in such lighting conditions is an extremely difficult task. Unlike the main optics, fog LED headlights are installed at the bottom of the car, considerably below the axis of the driver's vision, and the light from them has clearly defined upper boundary and is directed horizontally-down. Because of this the light beam reflected by fog or rain is directed below the eyes of the driver and does not cause blinding effect. In addition, the density of the fog near the road surface is always lower than the height of half a meter and above. Therefore, the light from the fog lights confidently "breaks through" the fog and rain. To get rid of unwanted reflection of your own beam of light help special filters on the fog lights, cutting blue short wavelength part of the spectrum, leaving its long-wave component, that the human eye identify as yellow.

The fog lights are essential even in the dry weather in the evening and at night, illuminating with a wide beam of light the side of the roadway and making it easier to maneuver on the winding sections of road. If the fogs in your region are infrequent, and in rainy weather you prefer to use public transport or defer a trip to more favorable weather conditions, the best choice for you would be fog lights with white light filters, the light of which does not tire the eyes. Plastic headlamp lens, unlike the glass, is less traumatic, but is subject to the inevitable blurred, and due to this the intensity of the light beam with time markedly reduced.

No matter on what material you have stopped, check whether the diffuser have sufficient thickness and strength as the proximity to the road surface makes it extremely vulnerable even to a small stone that flew from under the wheels of the vehicle in front.

The model fog HID headlights are designed specifically for the Ford Fusion. This makes it easy to install them on the place that is provided by the manufacturer, without compromising the integrity of the car. For this you do not need to have special tools. The fog lights of the Ford Fusion will give personality to your car, making it more stylish and original.